Tell me about LivBalance Enzymes Jelly!

Our gut is responsible for 80% of our immune system. LivBalance Enzymes Jelly takes good care of our gut by enhancing digestion, strengthening metabolism and eliminating toxins.

What are the ingredients?

Brazilian Plant Enzymes, Chia Seed, Camellia Sinensis, Garcinia Cambogia, White Kidney Beans, and many more!

What are the seeds in the jelly?

Those are chia seeds, each jelly contains 500 mg. Chia seeds are powerful antioxidants that not only rich in nutirents, but also reduces blood sugar levels.

What is so special about the enzymes?

The Brazilia Enzymes are extracted from 80 plants such as Acai, Kiwi, Kale and Camu-Camu, all of which are highly nutritious and effective in maintaining superb functions of the body.

When can I start seeing results?

You can start seeing improvements to your bowel movements in 6 to 8 hours after you consume the first jelly.

What is the recommended dosage?

1 jelly per day, preferably in the morning, with a glass of water after taking.

What are the nutrition facts?

Each Jelly Contains:
Calories - 26.6 kcal
Cholesterol - 0.0 g
Sugar - 1.3 g
Fat - 0.2 g
Sodium - 4.0 mg

What's the flavor of LivBalance Enzymes Jelly?

LivBalance Enzymes Jelly is Mixed Berries flavor.

Is there sugar in LivBalance Enzymes Jelly?

LivBalance Enzymes Jelly contains very minimal amount of sugar (1.3 grams per jelly) and carbohydrates.

Can I take LivBalance Enzymes Jelly every day?

It is safe to take LivBalance Enzymes Jelly once a day every day.

However, if you are new to detoxing or have a sensitive stomach, you can start by taking it once every 2-3 days first. If it fits your system, you can level up to a higher frequency.

Can I take LivBalance Enzymes Jelly for long-term maintenance?

Of course! Our bodies need to be taken care of all the time. At LivBalance, we designed our products so that they can be a part of our everyday lives.

Are there any side effects?

As a dietary supplement approved by the FDA, LivBalance Enzymes Jelly has shown NO major side effects in reserach.

Is LivBalance Enzymes Jelly for children, pregnant and lactating women?

Not intended for children, pregnant and lactating women. We always recommend consulting with your doctor or physician prior to use.

Is this safe to consume even for a diabetic person?

Each Jelly contains chia seeds which is a strong antioxidant that fights free radicals and lowers blood sugar levels by reducing insulin resistance.

Best time to take?

Preferably in the morning, with a glass of water after taking.

Is it okay for acidic person?

Yes, our jellies should have no complication for acidic users, since all of the ingredients are natural and there are very minimal sugar.

Is this advisable for people that wants to maintain their weight?

Definitely, we added garcinia cambogia to fight cravings and white kidney beans to block the absorption of sugar, so you can easily manage your weight.

What is the expiration date?

Two years from the manufacturing date.

Is it safe to consume without having meals?

Don't worry, you can enjoy our jelly before or after meal.

How many jellies are there in one box?

There are 5 jellies per box, making it perfect for a weekly detox.

How many jellies can I consume per day?

We recommend consuming one stick per day, preferrably morning, with a glass of water after taking

Is there any age limit?

LivBalance Enzymes Jelly is designed for adult use only.

Is it safe to consume even if you have high blood pressure?

Food supplements are made of all natural ingredients and are proven to have no harmful side effects. However, please consult your doctor first if you have a concern.

Is it okay to consume if you are taking maintenance medicine?

Our jellies are food supplements made of all natural ingredients, which should not conflict with any medication.

Is it also good for men?

Of course! Both men and women are recommended to take LivBalance Enzymes Jelly for easy detox and take care of their gut.

Does this jelly contain Vitamin C?

There is no Vitamin C in this product, but there are a lot of beneficial nutrients provided by the chia seeds and fiber.

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